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Image Management

Integrated images and attachments

The Image Management module was originally designed to augment the Plant Records/Cable Records module by displaying telephone office images on demand. It has evolved into much more. TMS users can view the images directly through the Plant Records/Cable Records Inquiry function for reference, research, and planning.  In addition, a variety of document types can be associated with a TSR/LSR work order or trouble call and viewed or printed while displaying the softcopy of the work order or trouble call.


  • Provides image retrieval for buildings, cables, terminals, special circuits, base maps, area code maps, etc.
  • Maintains a centralized image library for the telephone office.
  • Users with Web ViaNet can upload image attachments with the work request submissions.
  • During work order and trouble call maintenance, TMS users can associate images or other documents from surveys, engineering, etc.
  • While displaying work order and trouble call hardcopies using the built-in report viewer, users can display and print associated attachments and/or Image Management files.
  • Optionally, links to a web site/service to act as a base locator or display a directory of files for selection.
  • Attachments (e.g., a scanned image of receipt document) can be uploaded while entering receipts for Inventory Open Orders.
  • A variety of file formats/extensions are supported.
  • Compatible with most Windows CAD packages and viewers and applications.

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