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Web Troubles

Browser-based trouble submission and tracking


  • PKI-SSL (CAC-enabled) web application designed to allow users to submit and track trouble calls via a site’s intranet/NIPRNET.
  • TMS user reviews the trouble report and either accepts it (without re-keying) or rejects it (with a brief explanation).
  • Trouble report data is validated through a comparison to Plant Records/Cable Records data.
  • Optional ODBC connection can retrieve circuit data from TMS to populate the trouble report prior to submission and warn of a pre-existing trouble call already open.
  • Status is updated automatically as the trouble call is processed to completion though the Telephone Service Requests/Trouble Calls module.
  • Submitter can check status of trouble report for updates as it is worked.
  • Submitter can correct and resubmit rejected trouble reports.

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