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Work Flow Control (WFC)

Electronic Distribution of Work Orders

Work Flow Control is a supplement to the Telephone Service Requests/Trouble Calls and Routine Maintenance Work Orders modules. Work Flow Control provides electronic distribution of work orders and trouble tickets, and control of the work flow cycle.


  • Provides paperless distribution of work items for multiple shops/work centers
  • Possible work items include Service Request Work Orders, Trouble Calls, Routine Maintenance Work Orders, Cable Repair Chits, Cable Work Orders, Line Transfer Work Orders and Log Book entries
  • Allows assigning work to individuals or crews
  • Allows independent completions by shop/work center
  • Optional approval cycle prevents unauthorized work order distribution
  • Final close-out mode includes expense roll-up
  • Allows tracking work hours and expenses by individuals or crews
  • Options include automated approval, batch scheduling and completion, flexible, sequential, or burst distribution, and work prioritization
  • Management reports by work order or shop/work center